Marrella Romero Staffing CoordinatorMarella Romero is the Staffing Coordinator at Crewforce and she brings a combination of sales, banking, and financial transaction experience to the position. She is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and worked B2B sales before deciding that she preferred an office setting to a sales position in the field.

Marella started with Crewforce as an Office Assistant in February 2016 and was quickly promoted to Field Coordinator overseeing the onboarding process for technicians. In this role, her responsibilities include making sure that techs are paperworked, meet all legal requirements, and their tax information is accurate, just to name a few. She also serves as the face of the company to our new hires.

Marella was recently promoted to Staffing Coordinator where she is now able to deal with both clients and technicians. Her responsibilities have expanded to include overseeing all payroll duties like invoicing, timecard approval, being aware of the techs who are working during the week, and ensuring everyone is paid on time. It’s a position that requires organization, persistence, and knowing what it takes to get things done.

Account Manager Tom Halleck says, “Marella has been fantastic and she’s a great part of the team. Just making sure that our people get paid on time is a huge help, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what she does. Keeping everything in house has been a huge win for us and she makes the process run much easier and much more smoothly.”

Marella credits a large part of her success to the training she’s received from Crewforce. “The training has been excellent,” she says, “And it’s also given me a better understanding of company goals. The executives we met explained why the company started and told us about its history. It gave me a different perspective on things. They’re open to ideas and willing to try new things, which is something I haven’t experienced at other places. It’s refreshing.”

Marella also had a chance to meet the other field coordinators from across the country. “We’re a strong team and we’re there for each other if there’s ever any overflow. The same goes for payroll. It says a lot that the offices are here to support one another.”

“I like communicating with people, learning new things, and serving as an ambassador for the company. I decided to work for Crewforce because I wanted professional growth,” she says. “I’ve already been promoted twice and I’m excited to see how far I can go in the company. ”