Conor Wellott RecruiterCrewforce welcomes Conor Wellott as the company’s newest Recruiter. Originally from Rochester, New York, Conor started with the company in August 2016 after earning his Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from the State University of New York at Buffalo and spending the past four years teaching in New York City. Conor’s background provides him with essential communication skills necessary to excel in his new career as a Recruiter.

Conor was interested in exploring new opportunities when Tom Halleck, who Conor knew from the University at Buffalo, reached out to him about the position. “Teaching is based on building social relationships. It’s about working with other people, talking with other people, communicating on different levels, helping people, and being part of a bigger team. I look at Recruiting as a way to help people find work and gain employment, which was a major selling point to me. Having that experience coming into Crewforce has made me comfortable in the environment and it has allowed me to transition into working in this field,” Conor says.

After accepting the position, Conor immediately went to Dallas and participated in the company’s newly established Dallas Boot Camp (DBC) training session. The hands-on program marks each new hire’s first week of employment, offering them insight into the company’s culture, expectations, and further develops their sales and recruiting skills, negotiation skills, as well as how to identify potential candidates and match them with positions for which they qualify.

“Dallas Boot Camp was a great way to start my career at Crewforce,” Conor says, “Especially coming from a different field. That week of training was invaluable in terms of familiarizing myself with the processes that Crewforce uses for recruiting. Having the opportunity to spend that week of training with company leaders, seasoned Recruiters, and other new Recruiters was a great way to wade into the waters and learn how to deal with all of the constantly moving pieces.”

Conor has already established some admirable goals for himself. “I want to be the #1 Recruiter in this company. That’s my big picture goal. My immediate goal is to focus on finding good, quality integration candidates that we can put out into the field. The technicians who come through our door have a true, measurable skill set and we want to put them to work.”