crewforce-logo11Business is about building strong relationships and Tom Halleck and Casey Merriman, who make up the core sales team at Crewforce, have known one another since their high school days in Syracuse, New York. They continued to build a friendship in Buffalo, where Casey attended Niagara University and Tom attended the University at Buffalo.

Fast forward to three years after college, where Tom was working as a technology journalist for an international financial magazine and Casey was working outside sales for an international power tool company. The guys connected on Facebook, and, as coincidence would have it, discovered that they were living down the block from each other in Long Beach, New York. Tom recalls, “When Casey reached out, my Facebook page said I was still living in Queens, even though we were practically neighbors.”

“It’s been a pretty funny coincidence, constantly running into each other like this through the years,” says Casey.

In December 2013, Casey accepted a position at Crewforce as a Recruiter, helping to launch the company in New York City. He was soon promoted to Account Manager and suggested Tom come on board as a Recruiter. “Casey was telling me about Crewforce, what a great company it was, and because I had inside sales experience in the past, asked if I was interested in coming on board as a Recruiter. I had recently started my job so I was reluctant. But I really missed the excitement of sales, I knew how well Casey was doing, and I thought about what a career in journalism might look like down the road.”

“Recruiting is a lot like sales,” Casey explains. “It’s about identifying the right people for the position and ultimately selling the job to the technician.” Tom interviewed for the position and began working at Crewforce in February 2015.

Although significantly different from their native Syracuse and their college days in Buffalo, Tom and Casey have flourished as a team in New York City. “Sales here can be a challenge because people are much more aggressive and potential clients are reluctant to say “yes’ because they are pitched all the time,” Casey says. “It’s a challenge, but you put in the extra work, you learn, and you adapt. Overall it’s extremely positive.”

Crewforce has recently made significant moves to attract union affiliated companies in New York, which make up a huge portion of telecommunication cabling companies. Tom says, “We have a really good relationship with our existing clients and we’re starting to take a bite out of the market share. There’s an enormous amount of opportunity here and we’re chipping away at the competition. We’re prepared to dominate the market with the team that we have in place.”

Today, Tom is an Account Manager and Casey is Business Development Manager and the success of Crewforce continues to be built on strong relationships. Casey says, “This is the best team we’ve had since starting Crewforce as far as capitalizing on the opportunity that’s out there—recruiters, sales, back office—we’re very excited about where the company is going.”

Tom agrees, “It’s going to take a lot of synergy and a close partnership between Casey and me. We worked really well together when I was a Recruiter and he was Account Manager. Now, having him on the road constantly building new relationships with clients and allowing me to spend more time and energy with existing clients-filling orders, managing the office, getting technicians in the field and maximizing our existing relationships—it’s a really solid recipe for success.”